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Heftsiba | Mediteranean's Flutes

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Heftsiba | Mediteranean's  Flutes

Israeli & Middle Eastern Flutes Music


"Without my Little Flute, the Sheep would not have  never follow me through the desert " [mom Story]


One of the leading female flutes soloists in Israel brings the Mediterranean exotic voice of the flute in a unique World music & Traditional Soul Concert .

She began her career as a classical flutist.

From there she developed her solo journey towards her ethnic family roots


Heftsiba draws a line between genres playing on more than 20 types of flutes  .

 she performed on numerous stages all around the world, from New York at The Carnegie Hall and all the way to a tour on the

Seine in France and The Opening night of Skopije Festival.

  In 2016 Heftasiba a  versatile artist played  an anforgatble  solo at the opening performance of the Deep Purple Live Concert as well.


She drew her colorful music from the stories of her mother who was a singer and shepherd in Yemen. And from her father's traditional prayers as a cantor in Algier

In her performances Heftsiba, revives the story of the flutes from the biblical ritual and since ancient times  to the oriental& and Western

 flutes of our day groovy style.


Her performances and albums combine power, energy and moving rhythms with soft and dreamy melodies.




Heftsiba's Concert will leave you with an unforgettable sensation.








Featuring elite group of 4-6 musician & dancers.


Flute | Piano | Ud | Giture|Buzuki | Violin | Bass | Percussions








Heftsiba Zer Aviv






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flutesaremania by Heftsiba
Skopija Summer Festival 2018 Macedonia
flute are amania Klip in prague
Flute Solo Heftsiba Zer Aviv Opening act for Deep Perple LivePark focused Aperco
Ring of Bells
Skopija Summer Festival 2018 Macedonia
the Shadows of the plam Tree