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Heftsiba - Flutes from the Mediterrane
Flute Music, Concert & Show
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Irish Show

The heavenly sound of the flute in a unique Irish show brining the magical Irish music in all its diversity.  Serves a spectacular variety of new Irish tunes and traditional beautiful Celtic dance, colored with Mediterranean exotic Flutes sounds.


Heftsiba, a flute versatile artist, draws a line between genres, playing on more than 20 types of flutes from around the world.


In her show Heftsiba brings the colorful, warm flute sounds to the center of the stage.


Her performances and albums combine power, energy and moving rhythms with soft and dreamy melodies.


Featuring elite group of 5-6 musician & dancers.


Flute | Piano | Pipe | Giture | Violin | Bass | Percussions

The Rap -Live Show
Far from Home- Live Show
Contes Kathlin- Live Show
Pipe Solo -With Tal Korenberg-Live Show
Auld Lang Sangh
Children's Dance by Heftsiba
Braekuot-Live Show
Irish show
Irish show