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International Masterclass

 Workshop for Music Teachers

-10 Secrets Behind the Success of the Greatest Mentors for Music
-Teamwork for achieving goals - creating a personal and shared vision for the conservatory team
-Students' concert - short lesson in planning, presentation and production.
-Hidden and explicit reinforcements in teaching music - working in pairs
-The student with learning disabilities - teaching techniques for students with various disabilities

Master Class for Students of Flute and Wind Instruments


Workshops include:


Exhaling – Inhaling and the Sounds In Between: In this workshop, we'll exercise and expand our breathing using different organs in our body,

such as diaphragm breathing, kidney breathing and balloon breathing. We'll learn various breathing techniques taken from Chinese medicine which will help

us to relax before concerts, as well as beauty breathing, letting out emotions, etc. The workshop is practical, creative and fun.


Dealing with Stage Fright: Using various techniques such as guided imagery, meditation, brain control, creating reality and breathing,

we'll prepare our body and soul for going on stage in an empowering mood instead of in a state of fear and anxiety.

This powerful workshop is a must for every student, teacher and performing player.


Stage Presence: Working deeply with the instruments, entering and exiting the stage,

confidence on stage, executing a piece, beginning and ending a performance. A practical workshop

for performing students of all levels.


The Inner Composer: An introductory workshop which will provide you with tools for finding freedom when improvising on the instrument;

an important workshop which frees the mind from the musical patterns and boxes and brings the student back to them in a freer state of mind,

enriched with inner content. An immensely important workshop, not only for students of light music and jazz.

The master class includes two of the above workshops.



Estimated duration: 3 hours, including a break.