Zer Aviv
Heftsiba - Flutes from the Mediterrane
Flute Music, Concert & Show
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Digital workshops and empowerment sessions

Voice healing sessions - meetings of another dimension


An experiential workshop performance that elevates consciousness -


 We will awaken the self-healing tool found in all of us in the vocal cords, diaphragm, and respiratory system.

In an experiential depth workshop. We will practice breathing techniques, vocal expression, and using new shades.

At the end of the workshop we will have a relaxing discourse and meditation that will deepen the experience.




Her playing will open up your heart chakra and energy centers in your body through the various flute frequencies

Every session brings up a different subject, providing insights and information that meet us in the experience of our day-to-day life and addressing our attentiveness to our body and mind.
Heftsiba Zer Aviv has a degree in education and music; she has also specialized in Reiki, in the Silva Method for mind control and in guiding guided imagery meditations.

She holds a diploma in guiding women's circles from the School for Women's Spirituality and has vast experience as an inter-disciplinary mentor and guide.

Zer Aviv also manages various musical institutes and involved in initiatives involving women, youth, art and leadership. At the same time she maintains a successful career on stages in Israel and abroad with her world music and classical music bands; and has also released three albums in which flutes play a central part.